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boy duvet covers

Boys Duvet Covers

Though the interior designers seldom focus on creating boys' bedroom arrangements, parents today having boys are concerned about adorning their childs' bed room. Accordingly, the manufacturers are creating various boys duvet covers with boyish colors and designs to give their bed rooms a cool, attractive look.

The things you need to consider are his age, personality and interests. The greatest advantage of choosing a nice, elegant and comfortable duvet cover is, you can save extra budget on bed sheets, blanket, quilt and bed covers. Thus, it provides a great relief to those young men who specifically dislike the complications of bed making.

Choosing the right boys duvet covers can be trickier than what you could have assumed. First of all, you need to be particular about the size of the duvet and then, you need to be extremely careful with the shades and patterns of the cover that you choose. And finally, make a budget. The market is flooded with just too many of these covers, and they highly vary in design, quality and price range. Always make sure that you get the best thing for your money.

The following guideline may help you to get apprised of the latest trends on this fantastic room accessory.

Wall-e "Future" Single, Twin Bed, Kids Boys, Children Room Decor, Duvet Set


The little boy in your home will simply love to have the Wall-e "Future" Single, Twin Bed, Kids Boys, Children Room Decor, Duvet Set in his bedroom. Funny, colorful, extremely comfortable and durable duvet cover set could be just the thing that your kid has always dreamed of. This duvet set have some remarkable features:

This duvet cover set is so graceful and it will definitely match with any kind of boys bedroom. You can have this impressive set of duvet cover for less than $70.

Boys Teen Quiksilver Gray Blue Plaid Duvet Shams Set

(by Quiksilver)

The boys in their teens can have their pick of duvet cover in the form of the Boys Teen Quiksilver Gray Blue Plaid Duvet Shams Set. Coming from the house of the famous surf and sport apparel brand Quiksilver, the components of this cover set have been designed to suit the different moods of the adolescents. The reversible duvet cover set sports a classy gray, blue and black fabric on one side while on the reverse; it shows a graphic Quiksilver logo in charcoal shade. The graphic design is created by bold brushstrokes of mist and sky on a milky white background. They have some cool features like:

The colors of this duvet are really great and the fabric is super soft. This set of duvet cover comes for about $35 to $40.

Freckles Urban Duvet Set

(by Freckles)

Another great option for the urban teens and teenagers is Freckles Urban Duvet Set. Extremely masculine, yet colorful, this duvet set boasts a strong textured potpourri of autumn colors over a trendy denim border. The cover even comes with a pocket so that the boys can always keep their remotes and MP3 handy. This great duvet set have some remarkable features which are given below:

This imported set of duvet cover comes for about $30. The material of this duvet is very masculine as well as too soft and cozy.

Products Comparison Chart:

 Wall-e "Future" Single, Twin Bed, Kids Boys, Children Room Decor, Duvet SetBoys Teen Quiksilver Gray Blue Plaid Duvet Shams Set Freckles Urban Duvet Set
  boys duvet covers boys duvet covers boys duvet covers
BrandHOME IS HEAVENQuiksilverFreckles
Materials50% Cotton and 50% Polyester100% Polyester100% Cotton
Thread Count---
Price RangeStrats from $69.99Strats from $35Around $30
SizesSingle, TwinTwin, 66" x 86"Twin, 66" x 86"
Weight3.1 lbs.2.1 lbs.2.9 lbs.
CommentsThis duvet set will decorate the bedroom affordably and with fashion and designed for year around console.It is the right size with outstanding quality and the color is too cool and ideal for our very hot summers.It is made of soft and light weight fabric, so your comforter doesn't feel too heavy and it truly brightens up your room.

If you want to give your dear boy with something as special as he is to you, then selecting one from boys duvet covers is a wise way to go. With the aid of the above guideline, we believe that you can choose the right thing that suits your taste, as well as your budget. However, if you decide on a product, you must look for the best deals that the stores offer on your chosen item.

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