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What is a Duvet Cover

Does the word ‘duvet’ ring a bell? Duvets first emerged in Europe and were prepared from down feathers of the eider duck. Anyway one noted question is raised to every bedding consumer is that actually what is a duvet cover?

A duvet is a bag packed with down, feathers, wool or other natural stuffing to offer a warm bed covering that replaces quilts and bedspreads. Duvets cannot be washed since washing a duvet usually spoils the stuffing. In order to save yourself all that trouble, use a duvet cover to keep the outer fabric of your duvet clean.

So, when the question is “what is a duvet cover?” then it is easily said that a duvet cover is just the other name of bed comforter cover and it is also said that it is just a protection for the look and fabric of your duvets or comforters. A duvet cover is usually made from twin pieces of cloth sewn together on three sides and kept open on one side to be fastened with the aid of buttons, snaps, ties or a zipper. Duvet covers are constructed from different materials such as cotton, rayon, silk blends, microfiber, suede, etc. Like all other bedding, the size of the duvet covers also depends on the size of the bed. For instance, a duvet suitable for a queen sized bed will require a queen sized duvet bed cover.

The duvet cover can come handy in various ways. It is an easy and less expensive way to change the decor of a room without having to buy a whole new duvet. Also washing duvet covers promises to be a less troublesome task than cleaning and washing a duvet. Also, storing a duvet cover is easier than storing a traditional duvet, because it is way less thick than the latter.

Although duvet covers cost less than a duvet, they can still leave you warm in the pockets. An effective way to cut down on your expenses is to create your own duvet cover. When it comes to making your own duvet cover, the main expense is the cost of the fabric and it depends on your chosen quality of fabric. You can clean a duvet cover in the same way as you clean your regular bedding. It can be laundered along with other blankets, sheets and pillow cases. One of the benefits of duvet covers is that they are changeable. You can even opt for reversible duvet covers that come in matching patterns or colors and allow the user to change the feel of the room without much hassle.

When you desire to buy a new duvet cover or duvet covers sets, you need to consider some crucial things. After all, these are the things that accompany you in your bed and give you total comfort in your snooze land. Here are some valuable tips which you should give due importance while buying a duvet cover:

Above mentioning reviews and analysis positively fulfill your queries about “What is a duvet cover”. You surely prefer the simplicity of this; it can easily transform the look of your room by changing a new duvet cover. You can find duvet covers in almost any store that deals with bedding. You can also browse the online stores. They can also be purchased as a part of a bedding set. So what are you waiting for? Make things better by opting for a colorful, comfy duvet cover!

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